the strange guy singing to himself…

This afternoon, I left my wife and kids at home and drove over to visit with my extended family that lives about an our away from us.  Since I knew that I was going to have an hour there and an hour back by myself I brought along my iPod to keep me company.  On my iPod I have a playlist that I began creating several years ago, called “Mowing Music” which was originally intended to be what I listen to while mowing.  On the playlist is a very eclectic variety of music that has everything from country to rap, classic rock to crooners, and pop and oldies.  Each year as I find new songs I like or rediscover old ones the playlist continues to grow.  Currently there are over 400 songs on the playlist and I hit shuffle to get the best mix possible.

Today I cranked up and the music and became “That Guy!”  You know “That Guy”, the embarrassing one that is singing at the top of his lungs not caring who he may pass or who may pass him.  Embarrassment does not exist when you jump into the “That Guy Zone!”  You just let the music take you to whatever wonderful place your voice range  can take you, knowing that if anyone else was in the car you might hurt their ear drums.  One of the best things that comes from the “That Guy Zone” is that you remember where you were the first time you hear a song and any other great memories that they can trigger.  So of course that happened to and really made me miss a lot of old friends that I haven’t seen in awhile.  Growing up can be a lot less fun and even lonely, but a good day like today really helps remind us of how much we have been blessed.

So, yes, when I get the chance, I will crank up my music and become “That Guy.”  And something tells me you would too!


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