day camps and puppies…

This week has been a wild, but good week for us.  That is partly why my posting has been down this week and why I wanted to do a bit of a catch up with you all tonight.

Camp Rock Solid – Day Campers

At the Rec Center this week we were blessed to have a missions team from Texas that put together a Day Camp VBS called Camp Rock Solid.  We have had some really good day camps in the past, but typically the numbers of students who attend have been low with about 10 kids at the start of the week and topping out at about 30 kids by the end of the week.   This week, we broke our typical day camp norms at the Rec Center.  Our first day we had 35 students attend and almost 70 the second day!  The last three days of camp we averaged over 50 students a day.  The kids were taught songs, Bible stories, bowled, crafts, and various other activities throughout the week.  And today the camp ended with a carnival where students got to enjoy games and prizes.  The best part of the camp was that several students made the decision to accept Jesus as their personal savior!

As I said earlier, we were truly blessed by our team from Texas that put on the camp.   Everything was well run and organized.  You could really tell that both the adults and teens who ran the camp were excited to be there and had a great heart for our kids.  The group also was a huge help to us at the Rec Center with cleaning and getting things back to normal after each day of camp.

Over the summer things have been tight at the Rec Center with lower league numbers, less parties, and the hot weather playing havoc on our turn out.   So this week was filled with much needed surprises for us in the form of surprise bowling parties.  On Tuesday we had an unexpected group of 60 people come for a 2 hour bowling party and on Thursday night another group of 40 people come.  To top all that off we also had the Sunshine Campers from Youth Haven Bible Camp’s special needs camp come and bowl!  It was great to see so many happy bowlers and get some much needed income.

Nixie and her 6 schnoodle puppies…

For the past week we have been waiting every day for the arrival of our schnoodle puppies at the Casa de Owens.  Several times this week my wife called me to announce that she thought out dog Nixie was in labor, only to find out…not so.  Thursday night she finally went into actual labor with puppy #1 coming at about 9:45 pm and the final puppy, puppy #6 coming around 1:15 or so on Friday morning.  Both puppies and Nixie are doing well. We hope to have pictures and prices of the puppies up on http://www.bluegrasssuperdogs very soon!

It’s been a whirlwind as I said this week, but God has been great as we have seen his provision this week and several kids accept Him as personal savior!  God is good and God is great!


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