The Dark Knight Rises and a big thank you!

Yesterday, my parents blessed Erin and I by keeping our kids all afternoon so that we could have a date by going to the movies and doing some much needed  grocery shopping.  It seems sometimes like Erin and I are never alone so just having a day to enjoy each other’s company was awesome!

For the date portion of our day we went to Richmond, KY to watch The Dark Knight Rises.  As a Batman fan I have been dying to see this movie ever since the last movie was in the theatre.  I was not let down as the 2 hours and 40 minutes flew by.  Fight scenes were great and not over done lasting forever like you get in some movies. There was character development and an all around great story to add to the Batman mythology.   Even Erin who doesn’t always do well in long movies stayed awake and enjoyed the movie.  One of the funnest things for me was answering her comic book questions on the way home.

After the movie we did a quick Wal-Mart trip where we got some much needed food to restock our house with.   And then the best wife ever allowed me to have White Castle on the way home!

To my parents I say thank you again for staying with Maeven and Judah.  They had a great day and so did their mommy and daddy!


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