presentations and preparations…

Today in between doing various other things at the Rec Center I have been busy putting together a Keynote presentation about the Rec Center ministries and our FCA huddles to give at Youth Haven Bible Camp tomorrow night.  This week the camp is having it’s annual work week, with several groups from around the country coming to do various work projects at camp and in the community.  Often the groups are only exposed to the ministry of the camp, so this year in the normal chapel hour different KMM staff members are going to be doing ministry presentations sharing about the different ministries of KMM.   Tomorrow night happens to be my turn.

As I worked on my presentation the main thing I wanted to convey about the Rec Center is that we are a “Bridge Ministry.”  By this I mean it is our goal to use the tool of sports and recreational ministry to connect our community to local churches, Bible studies, counseling, and discipleship programs.  We do this through the process of building relationships.

When I worked on the FCA portion of my presentation I really wanted to convey the discipleship aspect of FCA.  So often in this area there is a huge evangelism thrust where the important things is getting people “saved.”  Sadly after this there is often very little follow up where the person who accepted Christ is taught how to build a daily walk/relationship with him.  I know this was a huge problem when I was growing up in this area and still is.  That is why FCA is so important, we have a chance to train leaders for Christ right in the public school setting!

So, tomorrow night as I share all these ministries have to offer please pray for me that I will clearly covey these main two points.  We pray that this presentation might be used by God to lead somebody to get more involved in the ministry here, possibly even on a full time basis!


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