glad I’m not the cable guy…

Over the past week my wife and I have been in the process of completely moving our bedroom downstairs in our house so that our kids can have their own rooms where they won’t wake each other up all night.  While my wife and kids were out with my inlaws last night I decided to dive into one of the more complicated parts of moving, switching tv cables around.

We currently have a DishNetwork tv system set up in our house.   Where we live rurally we can’t really pick anything up off of a tv antenna and cable is a total rip off.  So for us DishNetwork was the cheaper and best choice.  The system we have in our house is one where a dvr was connected to the tv in the downstairs man cave, but also controlled the tv in the upstairs living room.  With us moving downstairs we wanted to put the hd tv in the living room so we could enjoy it with company and move the regular tv to the basement.  This meant that I would have to switch downstairs cables to run upstairs and upstairs cables to run downstairs.  Little did I know how big of a job this would be.

I took out the ceiling tiles from our basement’s drop ceiling, only to find a huge cabling mess.  When our system was installed in our house cables were left from whatever systems previous owners had, leaving me one very tangled mess.  I literally spent 30 minutes just untangling and figuring out what cables went where.  Then I had another 30 minutes removing cables and running them through tiny holes in the basement rafters.  When all was said and done over an hour and twenty minutes was spent on this project. What I had thought would be a simple job was a long sweaty process.

The good news is now cables are in the right places and when we have some help to move furniture and tv’s it will be an easy hook up. I have also determined the next time I have to do a reinstallation or instillation of a tv system I will let the pro’s do it.  In the mean time…I will enjoy my hard work and watch the olympics!


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