some prayer requests to start the week…

For my first blog post of the new week I would like to ask you to join me in prayer about some upcoming things in my life.  First of all pray for Erin and I as we meet later tonight with our FCA Leadership team.  We are going to be planning out our ministry plan for this year’s huddles at the high school and middle school.  Our goal this year is to see our students really step up and take ownership of the huddles and be leaders among their peers.  Pray that they will be bold in doing so!  Pray that we will come up with some new and exciting ideas to reach out and really impact Lee County High and Middle schools for Christ!

Next, I ask you to be praying for our daughter Maeven.  For the past four nights we have been waking up to sounds of her screaming and crying in the night.  We are not for sure if she is having teething issues, nightmares, or is just scared.  Last night Erin and I were up several different times for long periods of time rocking her and trying to get her to sleep.  All of us are now really physically tired and drained right now, and even more important, just worried for Maeven.   So please pray that our baby girl will be able to sleep well and get back to being herself.

Lastly, this morning I was presented with another possible ministry opportunity here in Lee County where I would be able to hopefully expand both the Rec Center and FCA reach for Christ.  Please pray as I find out more details in the next few days and seek God’s wisdom on whether or not this is something he would have me to to do.  I can’t really go into more detail for you right now, but please pray.

Thank you again for your faithfulness in praying for Erin and I and support by reading this blog.  You are a huge encouragement to us!



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