home alone…

This morning my wife and kids loaded up into the van to head to West Virginia to attend my Mother-In-Law’s retirement party, leaving me to myself for a couple of days.  This will be the first time since Judah’s birth that I have had the house to myself for more than an hour or so.   With being used to laughing, crying, and the patter (or stomping) of little feet on the floors it will be an interesting change and a little weird.  Don’t worry though I have a plan to keep myself occupied.   First of all, I will go to church tonight for Bible study and then from Church, I will find myself something to eat.  From there I will return home to an empty house (the dogs will be there though) and hopefully just enjoy a restful night of a movie and much needed sleep.  Although, you never know if I will don my athletic socks and slide across the floor to Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock n’ Roll!”  So, if you call me tonight you may not reach me.  I won’t be busy, or occupied.  I will just be enjoying the sounds of silence!  That being said, I will be ready for when the family returns and I get to give them all big hugs and enjoy the ensuing chaos!  I am a blessed man!


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