90 Day Body By Vi Challenge Update – Week 8

Last week, I was without internet  access and therefore unable to give an update on my Body By Vi Challenge.   The bad news was that while on vacation I was bad.  Not bad in terms of eating recklessly and gaining all kinds of wait, but rather not really making any progress.  When you vacation with or around family there are just some dinners that you “have to” participate in.  They were delicious and I am not complaining, however, they didn’t really help me on my weight loss journey.   The good news is though that while away for a week I did maintain and not gain any weight.  My wife and I decided to really kick in our challenge and do three shakes a day for this week in repentance for our failings last week.  In just two days this week I have already dropped two more pounds!

One thing that I noticed while away on vacation is the impact that the Visalus program has had on my health.   For years I have suffered from various irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) issues.  However, since doing the Visalus program, I really haven’t had any problems.   Last week while not being committed to the Visalus program a lot of my IBS issues reemerged!  In just two and half days of getting back on task my digestive system is already getting back on track.  I know you may be thinking that this is a gross thing to share, but I want to encourage you to try the 90 Day Challenge if you also suffer from IBS or other digestive issues.  This program might  just help aid you in living a more relaxed life.

Lastly, this Friday night at 7pm, Erin and I are holding a Body By Vi Challenge Party at our house.  There will be samples and information that might just interest you!  So, if you are serious about being a healthier you, come out and join us for our Challenge Party!


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