a great kick off to FCA at Lee County High School…

Yesterday, August 31st, was the first Club Day of the year held at Lee County High School.  This also meant that it was our first chance to do FCA Huddles at the school this school year!  LCHS holds two club periods on club day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.   Both of our Huddles were well attended and the students really seemed interested in getting more and more involved in FCA this year.   I basically spent the club time introducing this year’s theme and going over what our plan for this year is.  Unlike past years where many of our Club Day students are unchurched this year many churched and regular FCA participants came which might mean that Club Day will become more discipleship oriented than evangelistic like in the past.  Either way I am really excited to see what God is going to do through our students this year!

Tonight some of our leadership team is coming to eat dinner with Erin and I and we will be going over or first regular huddle of the year which is next Tuesday!   We are excited to see our students with a desire to take on more of a leadership role this year.  Tonight we will be planning out games, skits, and the devotion for the upcoming weeks.

Most of all I just want to ask you to pray for our students as they are taking on these FCA leadership roles at LCHS.  Anytime you take a stand for Christ there will be opposition.  Please pray that their relationships with Christ will be firm no matter what and that God will use them mightily this year!


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