busy but exciting times

Another whirlwind week has begun here in Beattyville.  I really do feel like I am going 100 mph in multiple multiple directions, but God has blessed in letting me participate in some new and exciting ministry opportunities.

On Monday I was back at the Rec Center getting things ready for the week ahead.  I tried to update the Rec Center website and get some  orders taken care of for the Rec.  Afterwards I headed the middle school for basketball practice.  I have really enjoyed the opportunity to get to basically help teach the game and the most basic of fundamentals.  Too often kids want to imitate And1 streetball moves and they can’t even dribble left handed or make a left handed lay up.  So one of my duties as an assistant has been to lead drills to help get these basic fundamentals down.  Teaching the basics and teaching hard work also leads into great opportunities to give life advice and build relationships  with the boys that will hopefully lead to opportunities to share the Gospel.

Today, we had our FCA Huddle at Lee County High school and we talked about how God can heal our hurts.  Just like physical hurts can hinder and discourage an athlete, as Christians we can have hurts and discouragement too.  People may say things that can hurt us, friends can let us down, sickness and discouragement come.  However, we have a great God who can and will heal those hurts and help us through any struggles we may face.  He has promised us that he will never leave us nor forsake us.  I know when I was in high school and even now this has been a huge encouragement for me and I pray that it will be for our students as well with all they face.

For the most part today, I was back in the KMM office relearning how to help with the KMM finances.  From processing incoming support to paying bills.  I admit by the time that I got done this afternoon my head was in a fog from doing more math than I usually have to do.  However, in ministry so often we see results way in the future or not even at all, so having this one little piece of ministry with KMM in my life where at the end of the day I see instant results is great.

This afternoon it was back to basketball practice working with our middle school boys.  Seeing them run and slowly pick up the things we are teaching them was great.

Tonight, I got to spend some quality time with my family.  At different times throughout the night I found myself on the floor bouncing the kids around and eating belly buttons.  This did result in my son dropping spit bubbles on me and my daughter kicking me in various painful places.  However, hearing their laughter made it totally worth while.

So, tonight while I sit here worn out, I can’t be help but be excited to see what God is going to do this school year of ministry!

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