celebrating baby girl…

Today was a special day for us here at Casa de Owens, we celebrated Maeven’s 2nd Birthday.  Technically she doesn’t turn 2 until next Sunday, but Erin is in a wedding in North Carolina next weekend so we all gathered together today.  Both my parents and Erin’s were able to join us and my Grandparents came in all the way from Michigan.  On top of that we were joined by some of Maeven’s friends and the fun began.  By far the hit of the day was the pop up tent and tunnel play land Erin and I got Maeven for her bedroom.  It includes lots of little games a soccer goal, nerf style baskeball hoops and lot of other things that the kids really enjoyed.

The theme of the party was Cupcakes and Aunt Amanda made us some very delicious cupcakes to enjoy.  Everyone also got to make their own cupcake necklaces.   I must stay it was fun to watch all the grandparents wearing reading glasses to try and put the beads together on their necklaces.  Maeven got all kinds of things that she really enjoys like bath toys, play dough toys, money, puzzles, and of course Curious George!  I do think the best present she enjoyed was just having kids to run around and play with!

For me it was great to have a day with all of our family to celebrate this precious gift that God has given us in Maeven.   She is a true joy and a very happy child.  God has blessed me with a very sweet and beautiful little girl.  I can’t wait to spend many more birthdays with her!


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