my kids and George….

George and Judah…

As you all know my daughter Maeven has become addicted to Curious George.  When I used to get Maeven out of her crib in the morning I would hear her ask me about “Momma.”  Now the first thing I here is “George, Monkey?”  Mind you that when you say George like Maeven does you have to use a french accent for some reason.  Also no episode of George would be complete without dancing.  The other night I was holding Maeven on the couch when an episode came on.  She looked up at me held out her arms and said, “I dance?”  She said it as though when the George music starts she has no choice but to get up and dance.  So, I let her get up and do her thing.

Now even my son Judah is getting on the action.  I’m not sure if he is laughing and smiling at George yet or at his silly sister.  But nonetheless he laughs and smiles big time at all the excitement.  I even came home the other day to find this picture my wife took of my son being swept into George mania.

Hopefully, I can find some new episodes for my kids so that I don’t go insane rewatching the same episodes over and over!


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