a weekend away w/ my beautiful wife…

my beautiful wife Erin at her friend’s wedding rehearsal..

The past two years of having kids has been a whirlwind with having two kids and constant ministry things going on.   During that time my wife and I have had the pleasure of  taking a few day trips to Lexington, Dollywood, one overnight marriage conference and other short trips while leaving the kids behind with family.  However in that time we had never been away from the kids for more than 24 hours and not even that long since Judah’s birth.

This weekend however my wife is in a wedding in North Carolina for a friend that she served on a Campus Crusade for Christ team with in Australia.  We had debated on whether or no to bring the kids with us, but the prospect of me being alone with a toddler and infant in a hotel room for the entire weekend was not that exciting.   Thankfully God has blessed us with amazing family who are willing to watch our kids, house and dogs, thus giving us something we have not had in a long time, a weekend together.

Erin is busy with the wedding and I do have some alone time, but I am very thankful for just the time we have had to rest up and catch up with each other.  So to Mom, Dad, and especially my sister who is giving her whole weekend up to be with the kids I thank you so much!!!

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