90 Day Challenge Body by Vi Update – 90 Days Complete!!!

Well, I have officially finished my 90 Day Body by Vi Challenge.  Over the course of the last 90 days I have lost 17 pounds and moved my belt several notches from where I first began.  I definitely feel healthier and am excited about the progress that I have made.  That being said, I am not satisfied with where I am and am going to keep going on the Body by Vi program.  I have seen that it works and is making a difference in my weight, health, and even various GI problems that I have had.  Next week I have to travel and so I will not be able to start a full scale challenge again until I get back home, but the third week of October my 2nd 90 Day challenge will begin!  I want you to consider joining me on my second challenge as I move forward on trying to reach my goal of losing 60 pounds by next summer!  If you are serious about being a better healthier you than this is the program for you!  Come join me today!!!!


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