working on my MBI presentation…

Next week I will be back in Chicago for Moody Bible Institute’s annual missions conference.  This year I am only getting to teach one seminar, but it’s one that I feel is very important.  I am teaching on the impact that coaches have in the lives of their athletes.  Studies show that next to peers and parents, coaches, have the role of largest impact.  With such a great chance to impact the lives of the students it’s vital that our coaches are teaching and showing our students wrong from right and most importantly reflecting Christ to the students.  In my seminar I am going to talk with MBI students about the impact coaches have, give both good and bad examples of coaching, talk about how coaches need to reflect Christ, and then give ways and helps for coaches to reach students/athletes for Christ.

I would like you to please pray for me as I prepare my presentation.  Pray that I will have the time and the wisdom needed for such an important seminar.  Pray that when I give the seminar that I will speak clearly and directly to the students to show how vitally needed good coaches are.  Pray that myself and the other KMM missionaries that will be at MBI’s missions conference will be able to effectively communicate the ministry of KMM and that God will use our words and passion to lead students into both full and part time positions with KMM.  Our mission desperately needs an influx of passionate youth who are on fire for Christ.  This conference can be a great tool for God to draw them to KMM.  So please please pray!!!


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