my big mover…

Daddy and Judah...My son Judah has finally hit one of those exciting yet sad stages of his development.   He is almost ready to crawl!  Judah is giving his all to move those little legs and arms and squirm to get the crawl going.  However, while this is exciting, its also sad, because our little cuddly baby is not wanting to be snuggled as much.  In the words of his big sister Maeven, he wants to “go go go!”  This morning before I went to work at the Rec Center, I went into Judah’s room to check on him and say good bye.  He was supposed to be taking his morning nap, but there he was moving them little legs and getting them stuck in the bars of his crib.  I am happy to seem him happily growing, but I hope he will continue to be Daddy’s boy and not take off on me!


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