coaching update…

This past Monday we had our first game of the middle school basketball season as our Bobcats took on the Wolfe County Wolves.  Unfortunately, we didn’t pull out a victory.  However in all three games we saw lots of good things where our guys are starting to come together as a team.  The sixth graders are really having to change their mentality from a shoot first little league mindset to a more team oriented hustle mindset.  Through playing a team that had already reached that mindset the other night, I think our boys realize what they have to do and are ready to do it.  Our 7th and 8th grade teams did really well and pushed the other team, but came up just short.  I don’t think it will be long at all before they reach their first victory.

Tonight we are heading to Owsley County to take on the Owls.  Hopefully the first game jitters and nerves will have passed and our boys will be ready to go!  I will definitely post an update tomorrow.

No matter if we win or lose, I am thankful for this opportunity to work with our team.  Please pray that through coaching I will be a Christ like example to the guys and that I will take advantage of any opportunities to show the love of Christ to the guys.  Both Scott and I want to leave these kids with no doubt that we love God and care for them!


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