first win of the season and making pizzas for the festival…

Yesterday, I wrote about how our basketball team had another set of games last night.  I am so glad to inform you today that we got our first victory of the season last night as our 7th grade team won their game.   The guys played hard and really worked as a team for their first win.  Our 6th and 8th grade teams played hard and were in their games the whole time, but came up short.  On the bright side of those losses we saw flashes of them playing very well together and starting to pull together as a team.  With a little more work and hustle they should be winning their first games soon too.

This weekend is the big Woolly Worm Festival in Beattyville.  With the festival going on the Rec Center is pretty dead and so to help survive we have to run a concessions booth at the festival to make up for the lost income we would have other wise.  So, for most of the weekend I will be here at the Rec Center making pizzas to send down to our booth.  Good news is that this will hopefully give the Rec Center a much needed boost financially and some good publicity.  On the bad side I miss getting to see a lot of friends who are in town.  So if you are one of my friends coming into town, please make the short trip to the Rec Center for a quick visit.  I’d love to see you!

Well, time to get my first batch of pizzas done.   Have a great Friday!


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