festivals and coaching…

The past few days have been a whirlwind of multiple things going on.  As I wrote last week, we just had our annual Woolly Worm Festival  here in Beattyville.  The Rec Center sold over 200 pizzas this weekend at the Festival and the center.  With things being financially tight for us right now this was a huge blessing.  In other news we were all blessed to survive the fried foods that we ate during the course of the festival as well!

The beginning of this week was also busy with middle school basketball games.  Our team was not able to pull out a victory on Monday or Tuesday night, but there were many positives to take away.   Keep praying for myself and Scott Brandenburg as we try to teach the boys to be more aggressive for the basketball and to pay attention to every aspect of the game, while at the same time trying to infuse a love of the game.  Sometimes in coaching it’s a fine line between bringing out intensity and killing fun.  Our guys need to have both and we

Maeven playing in the leaves at Meme and Pop’s

want to get them to that place.  Also pray for us as we try to just be Godly examples as well and that we will have opportunities to share Christ!

Our family is doing well.  Maeven is loving having her Meme and Pop living nearby in Winchester and enjoyed Sunday at their house playing in the leaves.  Judah is teething and drooling like crazy, and on top of that he has learned to crawl and is always on the go.  God has truly given us two great kids!

This weekend is going to be really busy with our annual Halloween lock-in at the Rec Center.  Please pray for us to be able to have the chaperone’s needed and also that God will begin to work in the hearts of our students before they even arrive.

Things are busy, but it’s easy to see God working right now.  Please just keep praying!


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