suckers and ducks…

On Wednesday night we took our kids to the annual Harvest Party held by my parents church at Youth Haven Bible Camp.  Both of our kids were dressed as Garden Gnomes and were absolutely adorable.  Judah just enjoyed being around everyone and smiled his little heart out.  Maeven was ready to “go go go” as she always says.  She ran around to all the games visiting and jabbering with everyone.  It became very apparent to us right away that our daughter loves suckers.  Win or lose at every game kids were able to choose a piece of candy.  Without fail each time she was given a choice she grabbed a sucker.  I think we ended up leaving with about 30 or more suckers.  After Maeven had played most of the games we let her decide where she wanted to go.  She would make a lap and always come back to the duck pond game.  She laughed and laughed as she fished for the prize ducks floating in the little pond.  I am actually surprised she didn’t get in the duck pond!  

Over all it was a great night as Maeven ran wild collecting suckers and Judah just smiled and laughed at all the costumed kids and adults.  I know I am prejudiced, but I definitely think I had the cutest kids there!!!


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