Tonight I am going to be heading out with the middle school basketball team for our next away game.  I have really enjoyed being able to work with the students this year and imparting what little basketball knowledge I have to them.  I know coaching plays an important role in the lives of students and coaches have a great opportunity to impact students.  That being said their are just some things that coaches can’t always get through to students.  It’s something that I have seen a lack of in so many areas of our society.  That thing is, self-motivation.

In basketball, as in life, you have to be motivated to succeed. You have to have that inner drive to want to get better, to excel, to reach your potential and see if you can go beyond it.   As I have worked with our basketball players this year it’s been interesting to see how some kids are motivated and others just aren’t.  Motivation really has nothing to do with skill level, as often very gifted people are lazy and don’t fully try to reach their potential.  Their lack of desire and attitude hold them and their team back.  Other’s who are quite lacking in skills, give you all they got and strive with all their might to get better and they do.  This is a truth that we have tried to impart to our basketball players to just have that motivating drive in order to have success.

As Christians, I think we honor God with our self-motivation.  God has blessed us each with many different gifts.  And to seek to use those to their full potential bring honor to God is what we should be doing.  Yet, so often as Christians I see people who are like many of my basketball players.  Content to be where they are and not wanting to put in the work.  If we are truly a child of Christ we need to never be content with a lack of progression in our lives.  A lack of progression shows we are allowing God’s gifts to stagnate.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that staying in the same job position or ministry position is stagnating and dishonors God.  We can stay in those same positions and be growing and moving forward.  If we are growing in our walk with Christ and our gifts are leading others to Him, than we are not experiencing a lack of self-motivation in our gifts.  If there is no fruit in our lives though, it’s safe to say we have become stale.

I encourage you today, to really seek what your gifting is that God has given you.  Then seek to grow and use that gifting to bring honor to God. Don’t become content with where you are…keep growing and moving.  Or else you might be like that basketball player who never  progresses in their skills….


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