thankful for our students…

If you follow mine and Erin’s ministry blog then you know this weekend we took some of our students to FCA’s Weekend of Champions at the Lexington Christian Academy.  Our students were awesome in their behavior and interaction with the other students from around the state.  Last night, as we drove home and discussed with the students about what they had enjoyed, learned and things they wanted to do with FCA.  As we talked I was deeply encouraged about our students and the growth we have seen in their lives over the past year as well as the new students who seem to share this same excitement.

For several years Erin and I have been praying for students to rise up as leaders in our FCA Huddles.  For just as many years we had been through various stages of discouragement as many students claimed to want to know more about Christ, yet their was either just apathy in their relationship with Him, or know real signs of a relationship at all.  This year as we have seen students lead huddle sessions, share with their family and friends, and continually push to do more with us and FCA.  God is truly showing a harvest this year for many years of seed planting and watering.  We feel truly blessed to see students growing, but know as they grow Satan will also want to throw discouragements, trials, and other road blocks at them.  Please continue to pray for them to daily grow closer to and have a stronger relationship with Christ!


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