keeping things off the floor…

be careful what you leave lying around our house…even dogs!

Over the past few days, Erin and I are learning that we really have to do a better job of keeping things off the floor that we want our kids to leave alone.  Last week, Maeven found the base of Erin’s iPhone charger and decided it would be a good idea to drop it in a big glass of sweet tea.  I made the mistake of leaving my macbook charger in the floor, unplugged of course, and my son Judah found it.   After a couple of seconds of sucking on the tip of the charge (once again I remind you it was unplugged) my charger now no longer works and I had to order a new one! Maeven had never really had as big of an issue getting into our stuff other than wanting the remote or to play with our phone.  Yet now as Judah begins to explore and wants to grab everything in sight, it seems big sister is doing the same.  So there is no leaving anything out when we are through with it.   If you leave out something you might just find your baby girl chewing on a bag of taco chips for breakfast!


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