resting up…

2012 NYE LockIN FlyerMonday night is a big night for us as we get ready for the annual New Year’s Teen Lock-In at the Rec Center.  From 10 pm to 6 am we will have a many 7th-12th graders.   There will be plenty of games, prizes, bowling and cosmic bowling, but most importantly we will get to share the Gospel with them!

As I get older it definitely gets harder to recover from these all nighters.  Don’t get me wrong I can stay up all night and have a great time with the kids.  It’s just that the next few days are hard to catch up on that one night’s missed rest.  So this afternoon I tried to get a nap in and am going to try again on Tuesday to get a post lock-in nap.  I pray that by Wednesday I will be up and running full steam again!

Not complaining though, any lost sleep is well worth the time we are able to pour into the lives of our students!  If you would like to lose some sleep and come build relationships with our students, please join us New Year’s Eve at 10 pm at the Rec Center!!!


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