fighting the bug…

NauseauFor the past week the Owens family has been attacked.  No not by anyone or any wild beast, but by some sort of virus.  A week ago this past Saturday, I awoke to find my precious baby girl has lost her cookies all over her crib.  Later that same afternoon I found myself in the same predicament and not liking it at all.  Maeven and I did our best to fight off the bug and by Sunday night, December 30th we were feeling much better.

Two days later on January 2nd, my precious baby boy and wife decided to fight their round with the virus.  Erin had intense nausea and stomach pain, and poor Judah took it very rough.  Three times he lost whatever he had eaten that day, most of it onto Erin.  The last time was so bad that I left home early to rush him to Richmond to see the doctor before the pediatrician’s office closed.  Thankfully we made it their safe and sound. Our doctor said it was just a virus and gave hime some nausea medicine said to get him plenty of fluids.  On Thursday he was feeling much better and by Friday Erin was doing better too.  It looked like things were heading up.

Then Sunday came with Judah throwing up again and battling teething as well.  I also began fighting virus round two combined with sinus and allergy issues.  Needless to say, last night was not a fun time.  Today Judah does seem to be doing better other than the teething.  I myself am still feeling rough.  While I made it in to the Rec today I am not sure how long I will last.  

Please pray for our family that this will hopefully be our last round of sickness for awhile.  A healthy household his a happy household and we definitely want to be that!


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