much needed time…

This past week has been a rough one for me health wise as I was out of commission most of the week with the Flu.  It turned out I was allergic to the first set of flu meds I was given and so after a fun rash, I finally got some meds that seemed to have knocked the majority of this bug out of me and have me feeling much better.  Between both Erin and I being sick and trying to keep up with the kids though, both of us have reached the  half dead feeling.  That’s why the next two days couldn’t come at a better time.

We dropped our kids off with my parents this morning and also got a house/dog sitter lined up and we headed to Lexington for the annual Fellowship of Christian Athletes Coach and Spouse conference.  The opportunity to fellowship with other couples near our age that are involved in school and sports ministry is very exciting.  Also, having a really nice hotel room with Temperpedic mattresses is not a bad thing either.  The most important aspect of the next two days is just being able to spend some time getting spiritually fed and refreshed.  This season of illness and busyness has taken it’s toll on us both physically and spiritually.  So, its awesome to see how God gives us times of refreshment right when we need it!


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