90 Day Challenge Update – Week 4

bodybyviThis week has been another week of maintaining for  me.  To be honest I have been still down with whatever illness I have and so there are some days when I haven’t eaten much at all and other days where I have had to make up for lost time.  The result has been a consistent stay at my current weight-loss level.  I am heading back to the doctor’s office this afternoon for more tests to hopefully find out what it is that is zapping my energy levels and keeping me feeling sick.  The doctor seems to think it’s mono, but there are some other issues that could be causing it as well.  I am just praying that I can be healthy and energetic again soon.  Not making progress on my weight-loss goals and just not feeling like I have the energy to be a good husband and father right now is really taking it’s toll on me.  Please pray that things will get better soon!


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