rejoicing over the potty…

pott trainingYesterday afternoon, there was much rejoicing in the Owens family house.  For the most part the day had been a pretty low key day with Erin keeping up with the kids while I was once again home sick with this crud that I can’t seem to shake.  Erin was starting to wear thin from the stress of potty training Maeven and keeping Judah away while Maeven was on the throne.  To be honest I think she was about to give up.  Then it happened!   My wife Erin didn’t know whether to cry tears of joy or squeal with delight.  Maeven danced around clapping and Judah smiled and laughed, not knowing what was happening to his family. After several days and many loads of laundry our baby girl Maeven finally decided to go pee pee on the the potty!


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