FCA Leadership Camp 2012 flyer copyThis week in our FCA Huddles at Lee County High School and Middle School we are continuing talking to our students about finding our identity in Christ and nothing else.  Over the past couple of weeks I have shown the students testimonies from younger believers from the website  In each of the testimonies the students heard how the people had tried filling voids and their identities in their lives with things like drugs, sex, family, food, and various other things only in Christ could they find their identity and meet all their needs.  As we continue this topic this week please pray for our students.   So many of them are struggling with trying to find their identity in everything around them rather than truly trusting Christ.  As long as they don’t make Christ their number one priority we know that they will continue to struggle and flounder in their lives and walk with Christ.  We are praying that we will have strong leaders who find their identity in Christ come from our FCA Huddles, please let this be your prayer too!!!


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