club day…

LOGO_3CLR_LGToday, I was blessed with the opportunity to help lead two FCA Huddles at Lee County High School during their monthly Club Day.  As I was looking for a topic to talk to the student about this week I stumbled upon a devotional dvd from Matthew West about story.  The basic idea was that each of us has our own life story and that God is our author.  When we trust Him to be that author and lead us on the path He has designed for us we can have peace and comfort knowing that He will give strength and always be there for us!  Yet so many of us choose to be our own author and write the story of how we think our lives should go and basically make a mess of our life story.  Trusting God is truly the only way to have peace and contentment in life.   It’s a good lesson that I need to remind myself of often and I felt would apply well to  our students too.  The students listened intently as I spoke and I challenged them to trust God to direct their lives no matter how rough their story may currently be.  Please pray for them that they will surrender to Him!


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