everyday he’s shufflin…

getting ready to cruise...

getting ready to cruise…

Last week, I wrote about my boy Judah taking his first steps.   For the rest of the week he would take one or two steps unaided, but then have to grab something or sit down.   Last night when I arrived home from the Rec Center, my wife called me to come into my daughter’s bedroom.  Their both my kids and my wife and been playing after getting the kids out of their “tubby time”.  The thing that I noticed right away was there in the middle of the floor wearing nothing but a diaper and smile was my big baby boy Judah.  Judah was standing up and began shuffling over to me with out the aid of anything to support himself and made it to me with that big grin on his face.  Erin told me he had decided yesterday afternoon to start taking off and had been crossing rooms all by himself.   He crossed the room so many times that by the time we put him in bed last night he was totally worn out and crashed right away in his crib.  It’s so exciting seeing my little guy on the move!!!


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