figuring out how to be handy….

I have a confession, that many of you may already know. I am not extremely handy at being a Mr. Fix it with household projects and repairs. I do my best whenever I have to get something done, but can’t always promise perfection. I am getting better, but it’s a slow slow trying process.

the store picture of the island I put together last night....

the store picture of the island I put together last night….

Last night I had a nemesis of a project to figure out. A few weeks ago we were given a kitchen island as a gift. Due to being sick and just busy I had not had a chance to put it together, but last night my wife had decided it was time. I gathered my tools together and took all the pieces out of the box. I even did the unmanly thing of locating the directions. And their in my living room I went to war, me against the island!

For the next three and a half hours I did battle, slowly, and sometimes painstakingly trying to decipher directions and put small pieces of wood and metal together. After about two hours those small pieces began to take shape into cabinets and drawers. Finally my island was set up and just needed the drawers slid into place. Drawers one through three went int smooth and easy. But, as my last piece, drawer number 4 went in, it got stuck. The thing wouldn’t budge, wouldn’t fit into its place. After twenty minutes of thinking bad thoughts about this drawer, I finally figured out, I had put it together wrong. I had to take that drawer completely apart, rearrange the pieces and tighten it all back together. After this one last battle, my island was complete. Things slid right into place and my island was complete.

At the 12:30 am, I pulled myself out of the floor to view my hand work. I admit I was pretty proud of my accomplishment. But even more thrilling was the fact that hopefully I won’t have to construct anything like that again in the near future!


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