stressed out by a little light…

the dash of this van contains the stressing little light!

the dash of this van contains the stressing little light!

For the past month or so I have been stressed out by a little light on our family’s Nissan Quest mini-van. It’s the “Service Engine Soon” light. The two big stresses this light has provided for me was first of all the safety of my family. My wife primarily drives the van and more than likely has both of our kids in with her if she is going anywhere. So, I want them to be safe. Secondly, as with most families in America the last thing that you want is another bill. So family safety and finances have been weighing heavily on me.

I took the van in to the shop about a month ago, and wouldn’t you know it, on the day I drive to the mechanic the little light disappears. This is actually not a good thing. For the mechanic’s computer to read what is wrong with my van they have to have that light on. So, no dice as to what the issue was. About three days after that trip to the shop, the little stressor came back on!

Today, I finally took the van back to the mechanic’s and thankfully this time the light cooperated and stayed on. I left our van there for most of the day so that it could be tested and hopefully diagnosed. Thankfully the answer was not painful. There is a sensor that says my gas cap is not on tight enough and is making the light come on. The cap is on perfectly tight and normal, but that sensor is reading otherwise. The bad news is that light will probably come back on, the good news I can ignore it for now. Sometimes the melding of technology and mechanics for the purpose of making life easier is not such a good thing!


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