dying to get outside…

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Last night I got back to one of my comfort zones as I fired up my grill for the first time in 2013. As I slow grilled some juicy steaks it was great just being back outside doing one of my favorite and most relaxing tasks…grillmaster! As I was soaking up being outside, I hear a noise that caught me off guard. It was a joyful scream accompanied by banging on our glass storm door. I looked over to see my son Judah, who was wanting to be outside as much as if not more than me. With him having a runny nose and rain falling I decided I couldn’t chance bringing Judah outside. So I began to talk to him through the window as I grilled. The longer I was outside the more animated Judah became. He’d bang on the door and then make funny faces at me. I’ve included some of his best work in this blog post of what I had staring back at me. I can’t wait till it warms up some more so we can have some fun dad and son time in our yard!


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