becoming an addict… addict that is…

coffee-anyone-optI made it through the first 30 years of my life with hardly ever drinking coffee. If I did get a coffee it was usually some sort of sweet coffee drink that included flavoring, whipped cream, and steamed milk. I always made fun of people who had their coffee. My sister and I used to joke that when we were getting ready for school, my mom would walk by us in the morning without saying hi, until she had her coffee brewing. And only then would she slowly come to life! Things changed when I got my wife a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas a few years back. The little contraption looked neat and so I tried it out. Little did I know that this would be my gateway drug into the world of coffee.

I slowly began to ease into coffee drinking and really only drank it at first as way to warm up. Then, I began discovering the different brands, brews, and all the coffee goodness that’s out there. I began bringing in my own coffee to work, quickly moving past the bowling alley coffee we serve regularly. I even got my own travel mug and personal coffee maker to keep at work. Then due to some health issues I had to back off my new addiction last year.

This year, 2013, my addiction has returned with a vengeance. I even spent 2 hours working on and repairing my wife’s Keurig the other day. In the past a non working appliance such as this would have been discarded, but no, not now. I needed to get this baby working again! And after a couple of hours I got things straightened out! Unfortunately, I have also found myself thinking not only do I need my morning brew to get me going, but after lunch and supper it seems like a good calming thing to relax with a hot mug of coffee. I am scared to admit I have become the early morning version of my mother, craving that warm coffee to get me going. Yes, my name is Andy and I have a coffee problem!


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