my big girl…

My big girl...

My big girl…

Yesterday was a big day at our house.   Maeven finally moved from her crib into a big girl bed!   A few weeks ago Erin’s parents brought us Erin’s old day bed from when she was growing up.  After a little tlc, a new mattress and a safety rail it was all set for Maeven.  Test number one came during Sunday’s nap time.  While jumping on the bed was fun the idea of sleeping in it was a bit scary.  We went through the you have to lay down and no you can’t get in your old bed, followed by a little crying.  Finally she fell asleep for her nap.  Last night she liked it when I sat on her bed and read her night time story, but once again proceeded to cry and talk for an hour before falling asleep.   A few minutes ago I spoke with my wife on the phone and she said during today’s nap time Maeven asked to sleep in her old pink bed, but eventually fell asleep in the new one.  My baby in a big girls bed seems to be a little sad for both me and her.   Hopefully other milestones don’t come this quickly!


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