a year goes by quickly….

My 1 year old Big Boy Judah!

My 1 year old Big Boy Judah!

It’s hard to think that a year ago at this time I was meeting and holding my son Judah for the first time.  I had known I wanted to have kids for as long as I can remember, and my hope was always to have both a boy and a girl to love and spoil.  As I sat in that hospital room in Richmond, KY I realized that God had blessed me with what I had always wanted with this sweet precious baby boy!

Over this past year it’s been awesome to see Judah grow and develop his little personality.  From becoming a solid chunky boy with a very curly head of hair to also showing how sweet and cuddly he can be.  We’ve also gotten to see his little stubborn side develop.  When he makes up his mind to do something, it’s a battle to keep him from it.  A couple of weeks ago he discovered the cabinet with the tupperware in it right before his bed time.  For thirty minutes we dealt with him trying to get into the cabinet, no matter how many times we said now, lightly slapped his hand, or moved him to another room.  Finally we just put Judah to bed for the night.  Fast forward to the next morning, and Erin went to get Judah out of bed.  As she set him on the floor he went straight back to the cabinet picking up where he left off the night before!

Perhaps one of our greatest joys his hearing his sweet laugh.  When you get Judah laughing it gets loud, sort of raspy, but totally out of control.  Whether it be through making faces at him, tickling him, acting like your are going to eat his stomach, or even kissing his neck when that boy get’s laughing it is pure joy!

It’s only been a year, but it has been a year of blessing with Judah.  I can’t wait to continue to get to know my son for many years to come!


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