thankful for “all” my family…

Our families celebrating Judah's birthday!

Our families celebrating Judah’s birthday!

Yesterday, our family gathered together to celebrate Judah’s 1st birthday!  Thankfully he is still young enough to not know that he didn’t get a party on his birthday due to getting everyone’s schedules to line up.  He was thrilled though to play both with his cake and his new presents.   After watching him on his new basketball goal, I think I have a future NBA player on my hands, but that could just be the proud papa in me talking.

My parents and sister and Erin’s parents all joined us on celebrating Judah’s big day and it was great just enjoying each other’s company.  As I sat their watching everyone interact, I was once again reminded about how thankful I am for all of my family, both sides!  So often I have heard of friends and family that have stressful situations or total fall outs with one or both sides of their families.  Yet, there I sat yesterday realizing how much God blessed Erin and I with Godly parents that love Him and have been totally supporting to us.  Not only do we get along with them, they get along with each other!    Family is truly a special thing, and I am so very thankful for ours.


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