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Yesterday was an interesting day as I watched all the red profile pictures pop up across Facebook.  I saw all the arguments going about equality and the right to marry whoever you want and honestly I was surprised and the different people that I saw supporting the different sides of the argument.  First, let me say that I am not writing a blog post that deals with the Supreme Court and what they should decide on the issue of gay marriage.  What I found discouraging yesterday was the fact of how people reacted.  I saw many Christians who did come across as hateful,homophobic, and not having a Christ-like heart toward this community.  At the same time I saw, may people who support gay marriage (both gay and straight supporters) who were just as hateful at the idea that anyone would dare disagree with them.  They classified those opposed to gay marriage as hateful, homophobic, pro-slavery, narrow-minded, and much worse for just having a different opinion.  The judgmental spirit that the pro side was saying the other side had was exactly what they were displaying themselves.

Last night, I stayed up for a long time trying to wrap my head around all the things that I had read and seen yesterday, when I came across this quote from the pastor of Saddleback Church, Rick Warren.




As you can probably guess, I fall on the side of the argument that Biblically disagrees with gay marriage.  Does this mean that I have hate in my heart or despise those that disagree with me no it does not.   I have many friends that disagree with me on this issue, but not matter what they believe or do with their lives, my God has called me to love them and be compassionate to them.  I may never change their stance on the issue of gay marriage and homosexuality.  But, that’s not what I am called to do, I am called to live a life that honors and reflects Christ and shows His love to others.

I struggled with whether or not to even comment on this issue with all the hate I saw spewing from both sides yesterday.  But this quote from Pastor Warren really encouraged me that it’s ok to share my convictions, but it must be tempered with compassion and love.  I just want to encourage all Christians everywhere to remember you don’t have to compromise your convictions, especially those that are Biblical, but remember love and compassion as well.  And to anyone who ever has someone disagree with you, disagreement doesn’t mean fear and hate.


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