missing my reading…

Spiritual-LeadershipFor the past few weeks I have been participating in a book study at work over the book Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders.   I have enjoyed being able to read and then have some really good discussion with several of my coworkers here at KMM.

As I began reading the book a couple of weeks back it dawned on me how I don’t read that much anymore.  As a single person and even somewhat after I married Erin I was a pretty voracious reader.  I tried to keep both a fiction and non-fiction book going at all times.  Since my children have arrived, I have found excuse upon excuse to cut back on my reading. Some excuses are legitimate and others well, just not feeling like it or being worn out are not legit.

In one of the early chapters of Sanders’ book he talks about how a leader is a reader.  To lead and develop education and stay informed a leader must read.  Even if it’s reading those who we don’t agree with, so that we can understand opposing opinion.  Sander’s encourages leaders to even start small by just marking out at least a half an hour a day to read more.

Since reading that I have tried to rededicate myself to reading more.   I try to get at least the suggested half hour in or at the very least a chapter a day.   Getting back into my reading had helped me feel more growth in my life and also it does give me a sense of accomplishment and I move along in a book and even finish them.  I guess this is sort of a late resolution for this year, but it is one I am truly enjoying…


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