excited for Sunday School….

31270355_640For the past two months I have been teaching the teen Sunday School Class at my church.  I really enjoy the opportunity to share with the students and encourage them to grow in their relationship with Christ.   One of the struggles I have faced is bringing the class to life on a Sunday morning as many blank and tired faces stare back at me.  Through using some Bible study materials I already have and combining some of my own insight I have put together the lessons I have taught thus far.

This week however, I am beginning to use a new series through Lifeway Publishing called Fuel: Ignited.  I am really excited to see how the students will respond to this really well put together study.  There are multimedia videos and lessons that go a long.   They aren’t the cheesy videos that some Christian organizations have sometimes been guilty of putting out. They are high quality with a very strong message.

This week we are going to be starting out this new series by talking with the students about the Biblical way to be a friend.  I think this will have a great impact as living in small towns our students sometimes are just grouped with friends and really don’t actively think through what a Godly friend looks like and why they should seek Godly friends.  I am very excited to teach this new material and will covet your prayers as I seek to communicate God’s word to our students!


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