what’s your story???

biblestudyLast night we had a group of our FCA students over to our house.   We have been working with them on getting ready for FCA Leadership  Camp and also trying to help them be ready to step into leadership roles in our huddles.  A big part of being a leader that we are working on right now is being able to share their personal testimonies.  Erin and I really want them to be able to share with others how they accepted Christ and what He has done in their lives.  A big thing we have been working on with our students is the fact that they don’t have to be ashamed of not having an exciting testimony.   Their testimony is their story about what God has done in their lives and even though they may think it’s not as exciting as others, it is still their precious story.  It’s not something they need to be hesitant to share, it should be something they want to be vocal about, are confident about, and able to communicate well to others.   Others must know what God has done for them.

All of this is true for all of us who know Christ.  We have a great story to share of what Christ has done in our lives.  The question is are we ready to share?  Whether dramatic or low key do we know our story well enough to communicate it with others?  I challenge you to start working on being able to share your testimony just like myself and my students are doing.  Ask God to give you wisdom and clarity as you work on it.  And after much prayer and thoughtfulness, go out and share!


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