flowers opening and sinuses closing…

me and my sick little boy...

me and my sick little boy…

It’s officially spring her in Kentucky as the weather is warming up and flowers are blooming.  Unfortunately, with all this warmth and beauty comes a season of stuffy noses and allergies here at Casa de Owens.  The first casualty in our family, has been my beautiful baby boy Judah.  He cam down with a sinus infection and has just had a miserable past couple of days.  Yesterday, we found him covered in puke and unfortunatley as the day progressed, so did his vomiting and general discomfort.  We are praying he begins to recover soon.  At the same time the rest of the family is beginning to have trouble with stuffy noses and all those other fun allergy issues.   While I love the beauty of Kentucky, sometimes I miss the allergy protection the concrete of Chicago provided.  Pray for my family as we get set to battle allergy season and we will pray for you as you battle it too!


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