not all it’s cracked up to be…

all cracked up...

all cracked up…

Last week, I went to my bowling locker to get ready for our weekly Men’s bowling league, only to find quite the surprise.  Someone had jimmied my locker open.  When I looked in the locker I was relieved to see all of my gear was there.  However, I did find another bad surprise when I pulled out my bowling ball.  Down the center of the ball was a giant crack.  The kind of crack that if I was to throw the ball it would most likely split in to two pieces.  I am guessing that someone was fooling with the lockers and caused mine to open and my ball fell out doing the damage.  It could have also been that I am just so strong and manly that my large muscles finally caused the ball to break.  I am going with reason #2!

So, the bad part of this short little story is that I am out a bowling ball and had to get a new ball much quicker than I had wanted to get one.  The good part was that with not being able to bowl I was able to make it home in time to read bedtime stories with Maeven!


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