baby girl’s first dental visit…

Maeven saying ahhh!

Maeven saying ahhh!

Friday night held an event that Erin and I knew needed to happen, but at the same time were very worries about.  We were  going to take Maeven to see the dentist for the first time.  I knew things could go really well, or we could have a terrible two’s meltdown.  We finally got Maeven in the dental chair and she seemed happy to be there.   Before the hygienist could get to her she discovered that she could slide down the front of the chair as a slide.  Momma and I had to make sure she sat down on her bottom and didn’t move.  Her Grumpie (grandpa) came and helped entertain her as well.  Finally her hygienist got her attention and began to work.  Rather than talking to Maeven about cleaning her teeth she very sweetly talked to her about counting her teeth with the scraper.  After that when she used the big power toothbrush rather than calling it brushing teeth, she told Maeven she was going to tickle her teeth.  Maeven smiled and even though we had to keep her mouth open several times she did great.  Both Erin and I were proud parents that are little girl did so well.  Maeven was more happy that she got a Cinderella toothbrush and a Beanie Baby squirrel for being such a good girl.  She even ran around singing on her way home tonight.  I am once again reminded of how blessed I am to have such a sweet girl!


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