my mini construction project…

this is what my project should look like.  I will post a picture later to show if I got close!

this is what my project should look like. I will post a picture later to show if I got close!

For the past two days I have been busy in a  mini construction project at my house and that’s why my blogs have been infrequent this week.  My wonderful in-laws got our kids a swing set for them to enjoy this summer.  I knew Maeven and Judah would love it, but I knew as I stared at the big box all the parts were in that I had met my match.

Step one of the construction project came on Monday night with having to clear a construction zone.  I spent the couple of hours of daylight I had after work mowing and measuring a spot for the swing set in our back yard.   By 8:30 Monday night phase 1 was complete.

The style of the swing set looked easy enough to put together, but I figured I had better get some help for construction phase 2.  Thankfully my Grandpa is visiting this week from Michigan and he was happy to come over last night and work with me.  With in the first 2 minutes I realized that having an extra set of hands would not only come in handy but also be a much needed necessity.  After 35 minutes we had the main frame put together and it looked as though the rest of the swing should fall into place just as quickly……wrong!

I had decided that we would follow the directions down to a t in order to make sure this thing was put together correctly.  So, the directions said next we assemble the mini trampoline.  This proved to be my downfall.  For the next two hours we worked on this beast.   After an hour we had the trampoline frame connected to the main swing set frame.  From there things got more difficult as we had to attach the jumping mat with springs.  What I can tell you now is that the trampoline mat is currently suspended by a few springs.  However the majority of the springs are not attached.  I strained, heaved, ho’d, almost gave myself a hernia, and almost fainted, but could not attach the other springs.   I was constantly finding myself an inch or two short of being able to connect springs to the frame.  My back and body were beginning to hate me too.

At the same time that all this was going on daylight was beginning to fade.  So, Gramps and myself decided to call it a night and come back to face this beast another day.  Gramps is looking around today to try and find some tools to help do the pulling for us and speed up the process.  Due to church tonight there will be a gap in our swing set progress, but hopefully we will come back to it with a new game plan and success will be ours.  The really frustrating thing is that we probably could have put together all the other components if we had waited to do the trampoline until the end.   Guess that’s what I get for following directions!


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