puppies have all found homes…

IMG_0809Today we are a happy family here at the Owens household, as we have confirmed the final new home of our puppies.  They have a week to go before they can go to their new homes, so this week we will be continuing their housebreaking and enjoying their high energy before they leave next weekend.  The saddest thing will be when Maeven realizes the puppies are going.  She has become so enthusiastic and in love with the pups.  Each night she wants to play with them and sometimes gets so excited we have to put puppies up for fear of them being overwhelmed with her puppy love!    This will be our last litter for awhile, but the good news for Maeven is that we hope to get another Mini Schnauzer as a puppy in the next year, so eventually she will have a puppy she can keep!


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