pray for our Bible study students…

BiblestudyboyYesterday, we held our final after school Bible study of the 2012/2013 school year at LCHS.   I gave a preview to the students of the study I hope to do with them in the fall and more than anything encouraged them to stay strong for Christ this summer through staying devoted to studying God’s word on their own.   This year God has blessed the Bible study with about 6 to 8 students who have faithfully attended and really been great at interacting during our weekly study.  Even though our numbers have not been high, their dedication and faithfulness has been a huge encouragement.  Please join me in praying that our students will dive deep into God’s word on their own this summer.  Pray that they will seek to bring honor to God in all they do, even if we aren’t able to be their to encourage them.  And finally pray that they will come back ready and faithful to study God’s Word with us in the fall!  Thank you so much for praying for our students!


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