wrapping up our youth league…

2012/2013 After School Jr. Bowling League Bowlers

2012/2013 After School Jr. Bowling League Bowlers

As we get ready to wrap up spring and head into summer we are also wrapping up the winter bowling leagues at the Rec Center last week and this week.  On Monday afternoon one of my personal favorite leagues ended for this school year, our Monday Night After School Jr. Bowling League.  This is a league where we pick up students from each of the local schools (elementary through high school) on Monday nights and bring them out to the Rec Center.  The students get two games of bowling, pizza, and a drink each week.  For a couple of years we had tried do a weekend youth league, but parents wouldn’t bring their kids out.  Over the course of this past year over 100 students at various times have participated in this league, giving us a great chance to build relationships and share the love of Christ.  At our awards ceremony each student was given a participation award, team awards were given, and some students earned awards for high games, averages, and series.  Many students are doing great and we hope to get to bowl on our high school team eventually! Please pray for our students over the summer that we might have some more opportunities to see them.  Also, pray they will come back so that we can continue to build relationships with them and share more about Christ.


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