cut the pickle…

IMG_1856A couple of weeks ago, I taught Maeven all about how to give high fives.  We learned up high, on the side,  down low, and even too slow.  She giggled and laughed and we had a blast having a great daddy/daughter time.  Then I chose to show her “cut the pickle”.  This follows down low too slow, and is where you put your two pointer fingers together and say “cut the pickle.”  Maeven then karate chops my fingers which I follow with a “tickle tickle”, which of course makes her laugh even more.  So for the past two weeks we have been having this little back and forth about once a day.  However, now it has spread past giving high fives.

Each night, before bed, we have a reading time where I read her stories.  After reading, we have prayer and sing “Jesus Loves Me”.  Finally, I wrap things up by tucking her in and saying, “Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!”  As I walk out the door I say “I love you!”  For months now, Maeven has replied with “I love you!”  However, for the past week my “I love you” has been answered by a “Cut the Pickle!”  I will say “I love you” again only to get a “Cut the Pickle!” again.   No matter how many times I say “I love you”  I hear a giggle and “Cut the Pickle!”   I don’t know how long this will last, and I do miss the last thing I hear from her being “I love you!”  Yet, there is something funny and sweet about that little giggle and “Cut the Pickle!”


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